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2011-09-18 Elf Fantasy Fair 2011 Edition Arcen. Wilja

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What is the Elf Fantasy Fair?EFF, as we also call it, is a two days music festival with (pagan or celtic) folk bands, medieval bands, gothic bands; on one of the two stages or as a walking act.EFF is also an event with a lot of shows: jousting, battles, fire shows, horse shows, parades.And EFF is also an event where you can join all kind of dance workshops (on Irish dance, or balfolk dance or even the Maori Haku dance); or where you can listen to lectures on heraldry, roman & greek cookery, fantasy moviemaking; or where you just enjoy the stories of the best storytellers.But the best thing about EFF is that two third of the visitors have transformed themselves into orcs, magicians, vampires, elves, manga comic heroes, or a cross over of all this. Think about the carnival of Venice, but then with even far more creativity in costumes.In September there is the EFF in the amazing and magical castle gardens of castle Arcen, with rocky hills, waterfalls and a 17th century rosarium. Arcen is located on the german-dutch border between Venlo and Mönchengladbach.Read more

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